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Reba Fanatics!!! [entries|friends|calendar]
Reba Fanatics

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[12 Jan 2008|03:28pm]

12; Courteney Cox
6; Kyra Sedgwick
3; Reba (show)
25; Reba McEntire
20; Muffman (Felicity Huffman/William H. Macy)

here at boogieshoe_s
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question [07 Oct 2005|08:53pm]

is the new minister on "Reba" staying??..
was curious before i made icons/and livejournal community for
that pairing??
anyone know?
and hello new here.
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New Here [02 May 2005|03:05pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey there everyone! I'm so glad to find a community dedicated to Reba. I've been a Reba fan since I can remember. Blame it on my country roots I guess. My name is Sheena and I just turned 20 last month. I'm in college studying to become a CSI, but I'm actually making plans to go to Nashville and pursue a music career. Let's see...I love Reba's tv show and all of her movies. Oh, and I noticed that one of my good buddies is here as well. Hi Angie! *waves* Anyway, that's about all.

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[04 Jan 2005|12:56pm]


Hey reba fans!

thank god that reba net is back online i thought that it would take forever, did you all read that article from reba.com? about how that stupid critic rated the sitcom 7 outta 0-10!.

I mean we all know it deserves better then a 7!... i think that since this wonderfull lady has been around for so long they just want to hate everything she does now... harsh critics suck! reba's the nicest women in the world, she does'nt hurt people, she helps them. and i don't understand that why some country fans hate her because she is who she is, I have some friends who are country fans but dislike reba, they rather listen to gretchen wilson or martina mcbride. (no offense to anyone who likes them) I don't mind Martina she actually reminds me of reba in so many ways, i mean if martina dyed her hair red she would like be reba's twin lol.

I'm only truly mad at one person that reba has known in her life, and that is charlie battles,we all know who he is right?, i'm a fairly new reba fan with 12 cds under my belt, i started to be a big reba fan in 2001, and when i was learning about reba and when i heard about charlie and what he wanted her to sacerfice, it made me terribly angry, and now even when i hear about him on one of rebas storys off cmt, but i can't help but wonder, what would it be like now if she never left him?, or is charlie kicking his own ass for making the mistake of doing that to her, because he must see made the mistake of doing what he did and now he sees that she made it, and he did'nt believe in her one ounce. ..k reba fans i'm like venting here.. feel free to tell me what you think about this. i know it's old news but still it's something i just can't help but to think about.


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reba fans [03 Jan 2005|09:09pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hey reba fans!!!

Good News! Rebanet is open now!

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[03 Jan 2005|01:47pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

oh, i seen that months ago..reba's up for the peoples choice award for  best female country singer...i make sure to watch it january 9th to see if she wins, you can also go and vote for her, i wanted her sitcom to win a award but she was the only one up for it.


 Make sure to keep checking back at reba.com and or rebanet to see new info on reba and when rebanet is going to be back online, 3 days for rebanet i can't wait!!!!

later reba fans!

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a reba fan [02 Jan 2005|01:19pm]

hey i just joined this
i love reba and hope to find new reba fans
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[07 Aug 2004|12:11am]

Hey! Do you love the beautiful and talented Scarlett Pomers? Ya know, the singer and actress that plays Kyra Hart on the REBA show? Then come on over and join scarlettpomers! The first and only community dedicated to Scarlett!
here's your one chance fancy

[03 Aug 2004|09:47am]

Hi! Here's a new Reba community! Hope you guys will join it :)

here's your one chance fancy

Introduction [23 Jul 2004|11:08am]
[ mood | busy ]

Hi, I joined this community a couple days ago, but haven't had much time to post. Anyway, I'm 27 and live in Illinois, and have liked Reba for a while now. I love her music, and think her TV show is great. I hate doing intros so if you want to know anything, feel free to ask.

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come on people!! [21 Jul 2004|07:19pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

i am the only one posting.... borrrrrring... this community is dead!!! come on people.. post!! tell your friends about this community! promote it in other communities (only if they allow promoting)

here's your one chance fancy

buddy icons, e-cards, bookmarks, and wallpaper added!! [18 Jul 2004|06:49pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

check out the info page for reba aim buddy icons, e-cards, bookmarks, and wallpaper!!!
coming soon- lj reba icons

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hey everybody!! [18 Jul 2004|05:36pm]
[ mood | busy ]

This community is UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! I am still trying to find a good layout/background for it.... and I am having little luck, so if you have any ideas please tell me!!!!!
But anyways, I decided to create this community so that all of us Reba fanatics could talk, and share Reba stories!!! Please spread the news of this community!!

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